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Ashley Grey offers opportunities for exciting, informative, educational and fun-packed events/trips that are simply unforgettable.

Afadja Mountain

Climbing Mount Afadja

An exciting and educative experience at Mount Afadja, Ghana – West Africa.

At Waterfalls

Fun time at Wli Waterfalls

A fun-filled trip to the Wli Waterfalls in Ghana – West Africa.

james town

Site seeing at the seashores of James Town

A true informative and educative experience at the fishing community of James Town, a suburb of Accra, Ghana – West Africa.

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“I love everything about Ashley Grey. Apart from the rich and wonderful experiences they offer to the clients and followers, they strive for excellence and that’s quite rare.”

Tola Oni
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“I ordered gifts and souvenirs for my startup company from Ashley Grey and I must say that I was very impressed with the designs and quality. Good job”

Erin Lawrence
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“Having been a part of Ashley Grey for many years, enjoying their wonderful offerings, I am happy that they are my safe haven for educative content.”

perry great

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