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Tourism is here to stay in spite of all the economic challenges experienced widely. Our goal  is to promote lifelong learning opportunities through tourism and provide volunteering opportunities for the African youth within Africa which is still an uncharted area.

Research shows that out of 1.2 billion Africans, Africa gets only 56 million tourists. If we get 20% of African children to travel within Africa, this will not only boost tourism, the economy and the continent but also expose the youth to opportunities available from travel. This opportunity will solve the problem of inequality and ensure equal opportunities for all African youths to be suitably educated and informed like their peers in more developed nations.

We believe that education and the environment have enormous impact for total development and as more African youths learn about the world beginning with Africa, they can begin to ask questions, take responsibility, and develop confidence, self-esteem and creativity.

Important skills like leadership, problem-solving and working together as part of a team will also be learned from volunteering experiences and great potentials will emerge. History-meets-tourism, an initiative of the company will help create interest in learning history through structured programmes because learning should not be limited to the classroom and without an understanding of history, mistakes of the past are repeated. Language and literacy skills develop from interaction and lifelong friendships are formed through our programmes. Educating through tourism across schools in Africa in order to increase capacity for sustainable development and sufficiently increase literacy in Africa is our aim.

What we Offer

Get to know and interact with ¨friends¨ from different cultures and be pleasantly surprised.

A backpack trip, beautiful beaches, hikes, breathtaking panoramic views and encounter with local community will bring out your inner self with so much clarity.

Your gifts, sponsorships and donations can help to make a difference. It can mean that one child is inspired to succeed…and not fail.


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