Are We There Yet?

Are We There Yet?

I was ranting to my friend the day after a late evening walk. I wanted to see what night life was like on a Friday night after the lockdown had been lifted and bars had permission to open their doors to clients. I walked out around past 9pm just to see what folks were up to this Friday.

I noticed that the couple of bars that were open had only a handful of customers, tops five. Others were closed. How could the operators stay in business?

My walk took me to my favourite hangout place. Let us call it ‘The Cuban Hut’.  I meant to continue walking and taking in the moment as it was closed too, when I heard music from inside. I went round the back to see (usually we have Salsa, Bachata and Kizomba there) and found a few folks, less than ten including the deejay and the instructors, hanging about in hopes people will come dancing. 


One of them asked if I’d join them but I declined. The restaurant owners do not know about this gathering I think as I look around at the plain setting.  I also think, how can one make close contact dancing with the risk of contracting the Rona.

Quite unfortunate! Also understandable maybe. 

The instructors need to make money. I noticed a really robust guy had lost weight. That bothered me too because it probably was not from choice. Not like I have not had my fair share of challenges since the outbreak.

The pandemic has impacted life as we know it. For some, great stories will emerge. For others, there is some work to be done maybe. On a positive note, I achieved my hair goals and this makes me super happy. I never knew my kinky and curly could grow. 

The little steps count and 2020 may be the best year yet.

What has been your experience? This community will be happy to know.


Until next time…

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