How Do I Love Words?

How Do I Love Words?

Lexophile describes a person that is highly skilled with words.  Words are potent and evoke emotions. There are big words, small words, old words, new words, simple words, complicated words, annoying words, funny words and tongue-twisters.
I want to share some that struck a chord. They are a play on words on countries, professions, food lovers, bookworms and humorous judges, and well, pun lovers can just gather here.
I feel the authors of these puns that I share are geniuses of sorts. God bless ‘em.  Unfortunately, I do not have their names.

I stayed up all night to see where the sun went, and then it dawned on me
Acupuncture is a job well done. That’s the point of it  
England has no kidney bank, but it does have a Liverpool
I changed my iPod’s name to Titanic. It’s syncing now
He had a photographic memory but it was never fully developed.
Haunted French pancakes give me the crepes.
A bicycle can’t stand alone. It’s just two tired.
A thief who stole a calendar got twelve months
I am reading a book about anti-gravity. I just can’t put it down.
I got some batteries that were given out free of charge.
A dentist and a manicurist married. They fought tooth and nail
A will is a dead giveaway
Police were summoned to a daycare center where a three-year-old was resisting a rest
When she saw her first strands of gray hair, she thought she’d dye.
I didn’t like my beard at first. Then it grew on me.

I love words and the creative ways we can use them. I love words because they are versatile.
Words create magic. Let’s create magic.

Don’t you agree?

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