Can we chat about things we wish we knew earlier? Things for instance that could have saved us time and heartache chasing projects that were not suited to our values and personality.

I wish I knew earlier that less is more and learning never grows old.
Less is more means less clutter and the creative use of things and not impressing the Joneses for me. It does not mean poor and deprived.

Permit me to illustrate with Moses and the children of Israel.
God gave the children of Israel one type of food “manna’ for forty years, while they were in the wilderness. Forty years is a really long time by the way.
Most of us probably think that because they were in the wilderness, the Israelites lacked. But something makes me think different.  Here’s what I think. They said to Moses in Exodus 17:3 when they needed water at a new camp “why did you bring us out to kill us and our children and our livestock with thirst?”

Wait! They had livestock? That seems like wealth to me and maybe, they had a choice, and manna may not have been boring to eat like we might think?  They were alright. Hiking, camping, discovering, generating less waste and gaining experiences. Si o no?
Oh man, I feel excited just thinking about these experiences and the healthy living.
All we need in this world are food, water, shelter and love. The rest are extras that sometimes, we do not even know what to do with. 

I wish I knew this earlier and guess what?
I never ever want to stop learning.

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