Words on a t-shirt, ‘the perfect life… see Paris and die’ inspired this post. 

What is the perfect life?
Perhaps, it is to experience Paris before dying.
Or to always have everything go smoothly on the path to achieving excellence which would be really nice if it were always possible.
But there are those sometimes pesky stops.

For some, the perfect life may be quitting a dreary job, selling everything and riding off into the sunset to see where the road leads.
Yet for others, being in a loving relationship is the perfect life.

In a complex world, with flawed people, loving makes life and living extra special.  
History has accounts of bravery and selfless acts of love. Some so extraordinary and sacrificial, we tell of them repeatedly.
Just knowing that someone has your back is really special and comes close to perfection as we can get in an imperfect life.

What is your perfect life?

Creating your perfect life, may mean getting past limiting beliefs, constantly stretching, and walking on water.
Someday, you may even surprise yourself and inspire someone when you look back at where it all started.

So, you want to be starting something.

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