Deshun Wang, is the 79-year-old, who walked the runway with younger models. He is dubbed, the hottest grandpa in the world.  He had to have had the posture and confidence to achieve this. No?

Ernestine Shepherd at 81 was a famous bodybuilder. Amazing to learn that she did not begin exercising until she was 56. Should it matter when one starts, as much as that one starts?

Daphne Selfe, was still going strong, modelling at age 90, saying that eating well, smiling and pushing herself, are her motivations and retiring is not for her. She’s my girl.

To stay healthy, beautiful and motivated for so long is no easy feat I imagine. Heck, some folks just about give up long before and convince themselves that it is their right to do so too.

How can we be fierce and inspired like the triad above?

Celebrating one another, I think. It can start with a ‘thank you, babe’ to that special someone.
Also, loving, unashamedly and immensely, may be all the motivation needed.

 Healthy relationships count. Nurture and pray for it.
So, what are you telling your 80 or 90-year-old self? No limiting thinking now, right?

We are fierce and inspired!


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