This post is inspired by a message.
Every action has a likely outcome and it is necessary to put some thought to action. 

The understanding I get is that we need to think about and understand plausible results of every action. It is also important to think through before acting.

Is this always easy or possible though?

We are limited as humans, right? Limited in knowledge. Not to mention the curves and twists life presents. 

But we also have been given power of thought and resources to create the life that we want. 

So I would ask, what kind of life do I want? What must I do differently? No one wants to be “stuck on stupid”.

Like a river flowing through unpleasant rocks and chinks in its path stays on its course and creates the beauty we see, we want to stay on course.

What more, life flows within it. 

 A last thought! 

The river has a source that causes it to keep flowing.
In the midst of the enemy is where the prepared table is. 

So there may be scars. Scars remind us of battles fought and won.

The scars can be beautiful! No?

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