I hear Phil Collins’ Both Sides of the Story. ‘We need to hear both sides of the story’, he sings.

There’s more than one side to the story.
Your side, the other side and maybe a third side.
Why do we need to hear all the sides? Perhaps to make informed decisions? Then again, it is a special feeling to tell your side and be heard.
The story of the elephant and the six blind men may be humorous but is a reflection of life. Each blind man telling a part of the story from their perception of an elephant. Each story making a complete picture that helps our understanding of a magnificent creature.

We see things in part and sometimes need help to fully grasp the whole picture.

Asking critical questions can bring out whole new perspectives and a balanced view.
Who has power in this situation?
Are there biased views?

Questioning can reveal sides, whose story matters and why; and in those times when it feels like nothing you know to do is adequate, being led by the Spirit of God can guide wise choices.

We are so blessed.

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