What if I could tell the future?

I guess I would know the decisions to make today that will lead to desired outcomes in life. I would learn from the mistakes of others, make fewer mistakes and live the best life possible as a result.
I would know why some people accomplish much way earlier than others. Hmm! Now that is a thought for another day.

Sometimes, I take a walk to people-watch. It is such fun to watch people on these walks.
Some faces have a smile. (I like that) Others are serious (well, there’s a time for everything eh?)
Makes me think everyone is on a journey, seeking the finer things of life and to do incredible things!

I have experienced a bit of life’s fine things, learning, being my best self, embracing and growing in my femininity. Still I want more. Is that bad?
Being ‘hungry’ can be a good thing, right?

For example, I want to learn strategy. Strategies rule in the journey of life. I want to know that these strategies will bring about desired outcomes.

If I could tell the future, I would know for sure, right?

Then again, I wonder if knowing will diminish life’s surprises and make living less exciting. After all, aren’t the challenges of life really our motivation to do better when we can?

What do you need to be your best self?
Are you there yet?

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