The story is told of a king who placed a boulder right in the middle of a street and watched out of sight to see who would move it out of the way. 

Some people walked around it complaining about the king’s failure to maintain roads well.
 He watched as a man came along and moved the boulder. It took him a while but he did and now others could walk freely too. He was rewarded when he found a bag stuffed full of treasure where the boulder had been. The king had placed the reward there.

Often, opportunity is masked as a challenge. Will we find it?
Helping others makes us happy. Does compassion drive it?

Bees work twenty-four hours, seven days a week with

out sleeping or resting. They have a short lifespan of just three months. 

They are really making the most of the life they have to produce sweetness.

Did you get a new understanding of the expression ‘busy as a bee’ like I did?

Anyone can give advice. Doing is the real deal. There is a time to take the plunge and unique experiences are reserved for those who dare to walk on water.

Be busy as a bee and create sweetness.

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