I am intrigued by King Solomon. 

Here was a king with power, fame, wisdom and a good lineage. 

The queen of Sheba visited him and observed that his workers, numerous in number, I imagine were happy. Wow! 

That says a lot about the character of the man and he had influence with God too. Amazing!

Makes me think indeed, great wealth is divine and a perfect fusion of the natural and the supernatural. 

Just like his father David before him, Solomon had it all.
Then he lost it all and an inheritance from past generation is also lost. Someone dropped the ball.

Where did Solomon miss it? He was warned of this happening to be honest. (1 Kings 11)

His relationships, diverse and eclectic, became distractions and turned his heart away from what mattered most. 

The heart is where it all starts, right? 

A wise man (or maybe a woman?) said, our thoughts become actions, actions become habits and habits, character.

In the end what we repeatedly do, does matter?


I think, yes.


Stay awesome!

Now, I am craving some fancy cuisine and no, I have not been warned about what I eat.

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