When asked what makes us unique, we typically highlight our strengths, hoping to impress.

Nothing wrong with showing off our strengths, however, we can be endearing and connect as humans when we are vulnerable.

A boxing glove is ineffective and without a hand in it, it is weak!
Put a hand in it, make a fist and punch the air.
Now we see what difference the hands made to the power of the glove.

Do you relate with the struggles of the boxing glove?
It is vulnerable and has to find the right fit AKA the right human or be doomed, maybe. 

The hand -in- glove idiom making better sense yet?

No man is an island! We connect when we dare to be vulnerable and given time make formidable teams.
But it takes getting past the limiting fears.
Yours truly struggles with the fear of rejection sometimes.

Maybe you can relate and maybe we can learn how to be vulnerable.

Of Tongue Twisters

Tongue twisters are amusing, may not make much sense at first but repeated over time, help with enunciation.
Interestingly, they helped me relax, not to mention flirt with words by myself this week. Yes, that should be a thing!

She sells seashells by the seashore,
The shell she sells are seashells.

Try saying that fast and appreciate rappers like Eminem.

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