Writing this on April Fools’ day, I cannot help but think about pranks.
Some pranks are hilarious and good-natured. Others not so much.

A classic prank is a friend getting into your phone and changing the language in settings. Yikes!


A dad heard his daughter scream from the garden. She was being chased by a bee.
He ran and grabbed her. She felt him tense and relax.
Then he said, “it is alright now. Bees do not sting twice.” The bee had stung him.

That was not a prank.

Lot tried to warn his sons-in-law of danger. The world as they knew it was going to be destroyed.
Sadly, they supposed Lot was jesting. It was not a prank.

..and too late to rewrite the script.

“Be Prepared” is a famous scout motto.
It helps to be prepared to make the right call every time, and when all is said and done, the choices we make do matter, yes?



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