Ashley Grey



Friendships can form really quickly when you least expect it.
I made a new friend, a senior and never would have imagined we would connect like we did. The bonding was fast. We talked about foods, cultures and lifestyle. She told me about her experience travelling within Canada and all fifty states of the United States and how she hated the boarding protocol and being treated like a senior. She would much rather be treated like everyone else while boarding a plane.


We laughed a lot and did silly things like wave at airplanes in the sky on that dark moonless night. Seriously!

We shared silences too and they were not awkward. She revealed a flirty side when she talked about her husband and his amazing body. Oh my goodness!
Then I think, wait a minute, flirting between spouses should never stop at any age. It is the life of romance. Yes?

What an incredibly, special lady and an evening well spent. I can only hope we get to do this again. Some relationships flourish. Nurture them! Commit to making each new moment count.

So I am thankful for special memories and meaningful relationships in unexpected places and count my blessings daily. Is there any other way to live?

What are your thoughts on flirting and its role in building lasting romantic relationships? Should it ever stop? Is my senior friend just lucky in love?


Flirting should never stop! I love these unexpected meetings, the kind that can turn your whole day around. Keep writing!

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