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Walking up a flight of stairs begins with the first unwavering step to get to the desired target at the top.
Life does present stairways and elevators to reach our destination and choosing one over the other is a reflection of our desires and how we nurture our goals.

Using the escalator is the easier and faster route up, but is it the best option, if one is trying to achieve fitness goals for example? Taking the stairs may be the better choice to nurture the goal of keeping fit.

While the speed of the escalator may be pleasurable, it is not necessarily better.

A young boy complained to his father about not reaching the heights he had hoped for, despite all his effort, and so wanted to quit playing football. The father encouraged him to keep seeing the goal. Keeping the goal in focus helps us appreciate just how far we have come and renews our resolve to continue.


Sometimes, it is tough to figure out the goal to nurture. That’s okay. Take steps anyway. Steps that align with your interests. It is a select few that know exactly what they want to do at a very young age.

If you stumbled onto your career path, that is okay too. You are not alone either.

Yours truly worked at a special needs institution and fondly remembers an autistic kid and another child with Down Syndrome.  They were really exceptional, those two, and I feel like I am privileged to have interacted with them. Now, I no longer fear working with children on the spectrum as a result of this experience.  You see, I started out as a volunteer. Volunteering is an opportunity to help others and helping others can unearth latent possibilities.

A constant about life is that “…we all must get up, dress up, and show up.” Alexa Von Tobel.

The stairs or the elevator?

focus on and nurture the goal
focus on and nurture the goal

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