The “Night of Broken Glass” is a translation from “Kristallnacht” to capture the night Nazi officials ransacked Jewish homes, synagogues and businesses. Shards of glass from broken windows littered the streets.

The night of broken glass, “Kristallnacht” to capture the night Nazi officials ransacked Jewish homes, synagogues and businesses. Shards of glass from broken windows littered the streets.
A Night

Bruce Henderson, is author of Sons and Soldiers. He narrates the experiences of German Jews, especially the Ritchie Boys for whom World War 2 was personal. It hurt to read that a number of people felt that Hitler’s regime would not last two weeks. Clearly, they missed the signs and his significant proclamation “give me ten years and you won’t recognize Germany.”

Sons and Soldiers is brilliantly-written and inspiring. I feel lucky to have read it.
“The raven-haired woman” in my poem below, represents all who go to great lengths to seek out and publish the truth. They make it possible for us to understand and hopefully, learn from history. This poem is a salute to their bravery.

Leadership that stung
A representation of evil
Bad bruises, lingering injuries
From tanks and mines run

Book pages torn
History distorted
The unborn
Groomed from fib

A raven-haired woman
Stymied, not outdone
From Lehrberg to Louisiana
Dachau to Nijmegen write

Of images of war
The Night of Broken Glass
Of a people and sacrifice
Not forgotten

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Wars are always a terrible event! It reveals the darkest evil in men…but often the goodness in man also shines through, maybe even more brightly than in times of peace

Wickedness the branch of Evil and it’s fruits of Selfishness, greed, hatred, envy, jealousy, Self-centredness, And the traditions and cultures and religions they created the divisions created by mankind and lack of true discipline, dilligence, integrity, honesty, loyalty, Truth, Love and the virtue of SERVICE are all causes of war.

Nazi Germany, Rwanda, Congo, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Ivory coast, CAR, Vietnam, Serbia, Burma,
These are nations.

There is the silent ears going on against kingdom’s, people’s and languages within other nations.

The path to peace starts with “Me”
And how I influence my community and society that we are all responsible for the outcome of our future generations and positive changes and influence starts from now.

Am I going to raise our children to ethniciists and to practice racism, cheat with worldly smartness, take advantage of people and to look down on other people like I do and glorify others who do so, or I will teach them to respect and honour them and walk in integrity and loving service.

There will always be people who choose to be evil and those who were thrust into it.

We determine how our future and that of our children and generations to come turn out.

I choose to do my part, what about you.

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