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Easy does it, insert name. This expression, is a way of asking that a person proceeds carefully or take their time with something. Sort of like make haste slowly. Steadily complete a task with care and minimum injury. Hasty climbers have sudden falls, nor so?

Easy does it

Easy does it!

Could we apply this principle to work? A work culture of fewer work hours, high productivity and no burnouts? This may be a more sustainable way to work, I might add!
It is worth noting too that less is more!


Perpetual Guardian, an organization based in New Zealand, cut down working hours on a trial basis. Soon, the management observed a boost in productivity. Employees learned to prioritize and focus on tasks much better. They were happier because they could spend time away from work or with their families. Electricity cost reduced. A win-win situation. So the trial period became a permanent work culture.
Perpetual Guardian models how performance may be measured based on output and not time. Click to read more here.

‘Live with passion. Live with enthusiasm. Live your best life.”

Lailah Gifty Akita


It was a delight to read that Charles Dickens, the literary giant, spent four to five hours a day on work. “A Tale of Two Cities”, “Great Expectations” and “Oliver Twist” are popular publications.
He must have been selective with his time. Want to read about him and a few others here?

Great results are achievable. It might take focused and deliberate practice and being selective in the use of time though.
Being selective might mean “travelling a path different from the herd” or “walking away from the buffet, to eat clean.”
There’s a choice to be made.

‘I am slightly offended by the way busy working women my age are presented in film. I’m not, like always barking orders into my hands-free phone device and telling people constantly, “I have no time for this!” I didn’t completely forget how to be nice and feminine because I have a career.”

Mindy Kaling

I can’t help but wonder if there are professions in which the idea of “easy does it” would not apply. Could nurses for example work fewer hours and be more productive? Thoughts?

Working long hours does not translate to being productive. In fact, it can have the opposite effect as we will see in A MESSAGE TO MAYA


Certainly, productivity is not as a result of long working hours. Thanks for sharing this thought provoking piece.

Amazing read! Definitely feel like we’re defined more by our work than anything else these days. Plus it’s been said that at the end of our lives we don’t think about work, we think about the people we love and other experiences we’ve had. Hopefully we’ll get to a point soon where a work life balance is actively promoted.
Maybe it’ll start with the introduction of a four day work week all over the world ???.

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