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This is how I see it

This is how I see it

How I see it, is a post about perceptions and impressions. How we might perceive events. Some perceptions are popular and may become stereotypes. Others, are not. That doesn’t mean they are wrong, though!
Our environment does influence our perception and become culture or a way of life.

This is how I see it

how I see it

John had cash to buy food. Problem was cash was unacceptable in grocery stores in his city. So the cashier wouldn’t accept cash. It was a long and lousy night for poor John. His is a culture that places systems above people. Rigid much?

A widow sought justice from a judge. She wouldn’t quit though he dismissed her. This judge had a reputation. We learn that he neither feared God nor respected man. Eventually, he relented and granted her wish, saying to himself, this woman is going to weary me by her continual calling. What??

How I see it?

Reading through the short account, I feel like God is worried almost. Asking out loud if we think He will turn us away if we seek His help and if He will find faith at all should He come take a look.

It may seem like prayers are said in vain. Challenges overwhelming!
To be honest, no one would blame the woman if she gave up praying. This was a cold and unjust official! But she didn’t. There is a shift and she gets justice. Thank God!

This story is special. Widows are weak is the usual idea, not so? Well, not this one apparently. Did you notice she got refusals a few times? How she must have hated that! Thankfully, she would not settle for less and impressed the unjust ruler. Great that she got redress.

To be persistent or not to be? That would depend a great deal on perception. Besides, one might be pleasantly surprised by what one discovers by not quitting. We will never know what is achievable otherwise. Right?

Then He spoke a parable to them, that men ought to pray and not lose heart.

Luke 18:1

Folks, I love this song by Josh Wilson. Maybe, you will too.

How badly do you want justice? BIG DOORS ARE TURNED BY SMALL HINGES! (Please do excuse the all caps. Not yelling at you.)


Lack of faith – the sin that entangles us. Thanks for this nice piece.

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