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The Colour of Truth

The Colour of Truth

Consider and look carefully for the colour of truth. For men do give it colour in their stories and perspectives. But the truth just is. And it is no lie!  

I stumbled upon Confessions of an Economic Hitman by John Perkins, recently. And, oh, what a find! An exposé of crime in international circles.

While on assignment in Panama, he met this el hombre, who was picnicking with family. His guide was showing him around at the time, and the hombre walked up to chat. They chat about advancements in the country and the man described Omar Torrijos, as a despot and a dangerous man. Dangerous to whom? It is peculiar that he could label Torrijos, in such “colourful” terms. We clearly see in the story, that he is in fact, a respected leader “who will go down fighting for” the Panamanian people.

Some positions really just reveal an agenda.

Consider and look carefully for the colour of truth.

Look carefully for the colour of truth. Truth just is!

A few pages later, the author had an invite to meet with Torrijos, who proposed a deal. Electricity, transportation, communication, and agriculture that actually reaches the poorest of the poor and subsidized too, in return for cooperation. In other words, “give me what’s best for my people” in exchange for my support. This seems like a man who wanted foreign aid to be, well, real, and not a Greek gift with treachery behind it.

The colour of truth in Panama.

I feel like, he was saying, your country is really powerful and I don’t have the capacity to stop this. So, just make “the gifts” real to the poor. A win-win situation, if I ever saw one. He wasn’t going to take a bribe and look away from the exploitation of the country’s natural resources.

Iridescent and changing, like colours in different types of light, is a story that's distorted. Truth is coloured when people with an agenda tell it.

The colour of truth in iridescent and changing lights.

This Panamanian experience with Torrijos seems like a good story of selfless leadership. I’d let a people tell their story. Often, they tell it better.  Doesn’t it hurt to read an inaccurate account of a wholesome story?

A source of pride in one’s ancestry can be a good thing. Isn’t that right?

Truth is coloured, like a muddied pool after a storm, when people with a not-so-nice intent tell it.
Iridescent and changing, like colours in different types of light, is a story that’s distorted.
Truth just is, otherwise!

Truth is and is no lie. I'd let a people tell their story.

Truth is and is no lie!

Oh, and one last thought! Did I mention that I am still reading this masterpiece, so a ‘spoiler alert’ was not required? No? Well, now I have and really do look forward to finishing it.

Maybe, we can compare notes if you do join me in reading it too?! Or maybe, just read NIGHT OF BROKEN GLASS; a story that took great courage to preserve through time and which can hopefully, keep us from repeating past mistakes.


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