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A Tale of Ten Thousand Euros

A Tale of Ten Thousand Euros

A tale of ten thousand euros is about winning. It all started with one child and a woman wishing to learn to read and write.

A tale of ten thousand euros is about winning.

A tale about winning

The opportunity of teaching literacy skills, free of cost to learners, was a rewarding experience, and witnessing the transformation and confidence that comes with learning and mastery felt good. Soon, the class grew as girls of varying ages joined. There was a handful of boys, which, I suppose was alright too. The need for more resources to manage the growth was clear at this point.

“Achievement is no hocus-pocus. It is focus, focus.” Ana C. Antunes

So, we could try to seek out funding.

A tale of winning

I remember the email notification of a funding opportunity for art, education, and technology-based initiatives. To know that we met the requirements was reassuring.  I also remember the excitement of knowing our application had been approved and we were going to receive capital.

of learning

a tale of learning

Winning is such a great feeling and receiving a grant of ten thousand euros is certainly, no exception. You know the feeling of earning your first salary and thinking wow, I can begin to make things happen? Yeah, pretty exciting experience.

Finally, the dream of learning, and acquiring skills was real. Resulting in empowered communities and wealth that continues to multiply.

A tale of empowered communities.

A tale of empowerment.

Final thoughts!

Dreams are made when we share our gifts with others. The resources we need to make the dream a reality meet us along the way. Many times, in ways we can’t imagine, right?

Who you are tomorrow begins with what you do today.

Tim Fargo

Can we still dream? Calling those things that be not as though they are?

The tale of the ten thousand euros began with a dream. Those who believe they can, usually can as we will see in THEY CAN WHO BELIEVE! l believe the monkey and the ass teach a lesson.


Great stuff!
I hope all your dreams come true!

Thanks for sharing this thoughtful tale. Stay blessed.

“The resources we need to make the dream become a reality meet us along the way”. There is a lot of depth in this statement. If properly understood, could be a marker that awakens our consciousness to the importance of every experience leading up to the present. No experience should be taken for granted. Thank you for the story.

Congratulations! Keep living your dreams and sharing your gifts to develop others, and may the resources you need to keep making your dreams a reality always meet you along the way!

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