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It Can Be Tough to Be Authentic!

It Can Be Tough to Be Authentic!

Authenticity is tough. Our fears, and need for acceptance, make it difficult to be our real selves sometimes.

I wrote a cover letter some time ago. I felt a sample cover letter I found online was a good copy. Not quite.
Looking back, I presented myself differently from my true personality. That was neither authentic nor my best self.

authenticity is freshness

authenticity is freshness.

What does authenticity look like?

Often, humans have the innate ability to spot originality and the inauthentic, don’t we? After all, they are as different as night from day.  So, I will say watch for when the goal is not people-pleasing because then uniqueness emerges. Uniqueness isn’t common, is it?

Now I am reminded of stronger verbs and sentence structures. I will explain.

  1. Mary went to an evening class to find out if she could make her writing better.
    Mary attended an evening class to discover if she could improve her writing.
  2. Mary was very happy. Mary was thrilled.

Like me, do you think that the second sentences in my examples, have more flair and stand out?

authenticity is goofy too.

authenticity is goofy too.

The authentic is novelty and freshness. It isn’t having to crush the glory of others. “A piece of pie for everyone.” So, to speak!
”A rising tide that floats all ships.” All rising, even if at different times. Don’t you want that?

It just is

It just is

Being authentic may be tough to do. It takes courage to be real because the scars of battles aren’t always pretty. Believe me, I’ve got scars. But we also have the power of thought to make the life we want, right? Want to read more in The Scars Can be Beautiful?

Like the stronger verbs in my example, we are to be authentic and be unforgettable.

“…the brightest lights in the darkest night.” Babel


Yeah, authenticity is very important. Yet, following the crowd comes easy. I wish l had the courage earlier to be all that l am. Thanks for this beautiful piece.

Thank you. Most of us are on that “table” wishing we started earlier. Yep! Thankfully, it is never too late to start, right? Sparkles✨

I’ll take this. Especially in such desperate times when everyone just wants to walk the beaten path. These words are a guiding light to a lot of us in our quest to make our own mark on the world. Merci.

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