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5 Life-Lessons: How Blogging Affects Your Business

5 Life-Lessons: How Blogging Affects Your Business

I began blogging to share my thoughts, express stuff I am passionate about as succinctly as possible, and hopefully, inspire readers to be free, happy, and successful. It’s been over a year. Going on two since my first post. I have learned a few things on the journey and I share them with you.

So, let’s dive in, shall we?

blogging is nurturing to growth

blogging is nurturing

  1. The Hits
    I learned about hits and look out for them. Sometimes, the numbers go up. Other times, not so much and may lead to self-doubt from wanting more traffic. But a growth process is visible. I see growth in the lows and highs and I think this is good, which leads me to the next lesson I learned.
  2. Blogging will make one patient. It takes patience and some planning to enjoy the rewards of blogging; in the process, you learn patience. Farmers understand nurturing to fruition and harvest. Blogging is like a seed one puts in the ground and waits to harvest.
  3. Passion goes a long way.  
    Just like fuel to a car, passion propels one to get out of bed, learn more and do better. Passion, and a love of learning, help me jump through hoops and periods of self-doubt. When passion is absent, we tend to quit. Perhaps, a lack of passion is a signal to find another purpose or dream?!  
  4. What we nurture will blossom.
    Blogging is a powerful tool to grow a business, build relationships and connect. According to statistics, businesses that consistently create blog posts are 13 times more likely to increase their ROI. Maybe, you should be blogging too.
    Here’s a link to an older post. Notice any changes in writing style or content? We have certainly come a long way.
  5. Organic growth is lasting and healthy.
    Who knows just how far we can go with what we nurture consistently? Knowing that what we nurture blossoms propels me to keep gaining skills. After all, I would love for readers like you to stick around for the long haul.

    “The more I prepare, the luckier I get.”

Final thoughts on blogging.

Did you know according to statistics, 4.4 million new blog posts are published daily?

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Let’s grow organically!


Yep! Keep growing my sis. It gets better and better.

I commend your consistency and your drive in sharing your thoughts with us. Greater days coming soon!

A LACK OF PASSION IS A SIGNAL TO FIND ANOTHER PURPOSE TO DREAM. Wow! This sentence is frame-worthy. Thank you for always teaching me something.

A lack of passion is telling, right?
Thank you so much for the helpful feedback, as always Onengiye!

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