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Real Experiences: How to Create Your Happy Workplace

Real Experiences: How to Create Your Happy Workplace

Looking to create a happy workplace? We need more than ever to learn how to create a happy workspace in order to be more productive, and what better way to learn than from real stories of people at work? The workplace can be both a dream workplace and a productive one too, right?

Real experiences: how to create your happy workplace

Like me do you wonder why some people work at a place for so many years? Some as long as 15 or more years. Pretty long, huh? Perhaps, they learned to recognize a potentially toxic environment like the one described here.

Hmm! Let’s dive into the subject of this post, shall we?

Real experiences to help create a happy workspace

Manny says “Friendly colleagues, stop to smile and say hi! My input counts. Successes are acknowledged, and even when something goes south, there isn’t any yelling or unpleasantness. These make me look forward to going to work. I stay level-headed and can focus on tasks.”

real experiences: how to create your happy workplace

“Helpful feedback, training, networking, the variety of cuisines available at the cafeteria, and travel opportunities, are fulfilling for me” – Mal

Kamal says, “I love the flexible schedule of my job. I am happy.”

Isn’t it noteworthy that none of them made mention of a huge income package? Perhaps, it is a given or the company culture is more important?!  

What do the stats say?

  • Companies with happy employees outperform the competition by 20%. These employees take fewer sick days.
  • 69% of employees say they’d work harder if they were appreciated. Here’s a link to what the stats say about a happy work environment.


Are you a growing business owner like me and keen to create a healthy and happy workplace? Do you like Manny’s comment about pleasantness and an environment of mutual respect as much as I do?
As Jay said, safety, transparency, and open-door policy, help to create a happy workplace. Heck, maybe, even a no-door policy! A business owner should stay accessible. It may not always be easy, but we can give it our best shot, right?

Finally, I would use Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of human needs as a guide to creating a happy workplace. It seems like a good place to start.

Real experience: How to Create Your Happy Workplace. Abraham Maslow's theory of human needs can be a guide to creating a happy workspace.

Real experiences guide us to create a happy workplace.

That said, there are those exceptions where some people may thrive best and are happier working for themselves. Who are they? I can’t wait to share my findings with you soon.

Until next time!


Wow! This is a topic worth investing in! I mean, your office is the place where you spend the most time. It’s where you live your life’s calling, realize what you studied to become.

Great! Happiness at work comes from loving what you do, but in a clime like ours, people work long time with a firm because of job security.

This topic is very timely. I totally agree with the part that says employees take fewer sick leaves when they are happy.

And that translates sustainably to huge revenue for the company too.
Someone wisely said that people are never “waste.” What they do can be wasteful.

It’s an interesting topic. I think it is an incredible achievement for a person to be with the same employer for 15years or more. Positive work environment or not. Some of us get bored of things too quickly.

As someone with many interests I’m not sure I could give a company 15 years 🤔

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