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Let the “Golden Age of Travel” Begin

Let the “Golden Age of Travel” Begin

A new “Golden Age of Travel” according to Chris Nassetta, Hilton hotel chain CEO, is about to begin. I say amen, to that. The hospitality and travel industry suffered huge losses as a result of the pandemic.


The Golden Age represents eras of prosperity and stability. It suggests periods of less toil and grief and more ease and abundance. There have been a few Golden Ages in history.
Examples are the Golden Age of Literature when literature and the Arts flourished. There’s also the Golden Age of Flanders when cultural and economic activities blossomed.
Also, worth mentioning is the Golden Age of Television, which was marked by a large number of live productions. And you can read about Africa’s involvement in the Golden Age here.  
I found it interesting. Maybe, you will too.

Did you read it yet?

let the golden age of travel begin

Great! You want to keep that dream alive. Write the book, ask that question, take the training, and plan the destination travel.


Get ready to be celebrated like the greats we read about. You survived the pandemic after all.

Often, a Golden Age is noted for innovation and originality. People attain new heights through inventions. It would be great to see just how innovative and creative ideas play out within the hospitality and travel sector. This underwater taxi idea here holds a lot of promise of what is possible.

You want to be startin’ something. Isn’t this what Michael Jackson would say?

Let the Golden Age of Travel begin

Now, I am reaching for and updating my bucket list. How about you? Let the “Golden Age of Travel” begin!

Sing a new song to the Lord!

Let the whole earth sing to the Lord!

Sing to the Lord; praise his name.

Each day proclaim the good news that He saves

Psalms 96:1-2 NLT


This reminds me of the everlasting golden age of peace found at Isaiah 9:7. Looking forward to the golden age of travel but wishing that peace comes speedily.

Great! Hope this golden age of travel involves everyone this time and doesn’t just favour those with the privilege of being from certain countries or particular race.

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