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Where Can I Find Kefir Grains?

Where Can I Find Kefir Grains?

Where can I find kefir or kefir grains? For the love of the nutrition that’s in kefir, I’d climb Afadjato again. Er! Not really. That mountain hiking experience was grueling and you can read about it here.

Where can I find kefir?

But, hopefully, you get my point about how I hold nourishment in high regard. Sure, yogurt is great but if there’s something more nourishing out there like kefir, I’d go for it. Sort of give yogurt a rest. Eating should be an adventure too, I dare say.

So, where can I find kefir grains in Accra to make kefir?

Jack Sprat could eat no fat.
His wife could eat no lean.
And so between them both, you see,
They licked the platter clean.

Nice nursery rhyme about a couple’s eating tradition there! They don’t seem that adventurous with meals, do they? Do I digress?

What’s the deal with Kefir and where can I find it?

It is the healthier cousin of yogurt. Has a higher probiotic count, and contains yeast. You can get all the exciting details about just how wholesome kefir is here.


So, I decided, I’d give yogurt a rest. Enter kefir!

One tiny detail. I am unable to find it in any store. Ouch!

Thankfully, I got a few leads to procure the kefir grains. 
Great! I can make mine with the starter (the grains) as it’s quite easy to make. I like easy.

But so far, it is only processed grains that are available. Processed grains? I’m not certain how that works here. I want fresh and alive. Thank you!

For something so easy to make, I would think it’d be an easy find. Less like one is about to climb a mountain but no. I found tofu, acai, various kinds of cheese, and legumes, but not kefir.

Who knows, what my searches turn up?

kefir, how you like it?

In the meantime, if you are planning a long stay in Accra and are keen to incorporate kefir into your meal plan, bringing along your starter might be a good idea.

The pleasure of preparing kefir, just how you like it? Oh yeah!

I want that experience too.


Haha, bon appetite when you are finally successful.

I imagine it’s going to be enjoyment galore when you finally are able to satisfy your kefir craving lol. You have my best wishes in your search.

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