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8 Tested Hacks For The Best Travel Experience

8 Tested Hacks For The Best Travel Experience

Hacks deliver the best experiences and these 8 tested hacks for the best travel experience are worth remembering as they save precious time and money and make a trip memorable in a pleasant way.

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That said, I must add that a great attitude makes for a great travel experience.
Someone shared a story some time ago about taking a trip on a public bus and described the experience as “the bumpiest and most bizarre journey of my life.” Chickens strolling casually and nibbling toes, goats strapped on the roof of the bus, and the driver playing an ABBA tune for 3 hours.
Guess what! The storyteller loved the experience. What can I say? A great attitude goes a long way. Doesn’t it?

By the way, taking public transportation is a good way to learn quick facts about the city you are visiting. It takes some courage though because you never know what might occur riding a public bus.  Can one truly know a place without living there for some time? I’d loved to learn what you think.

8 tested hacks for the best travel experience

I am not the same having seen the moon shine on the other side of the world.

Mary Anne Radmacher

So, what are the 8 tested hacks for the best travel experience?

I must say our world is constantly evolving. Things and places change and so will hacks. These 8 stand out though.

#1. You want to read and research a destination before going there. Wikivoyage has helpful travel information. So does Lonely Planet.

hacks for the best travel experience. travel light

#2. Carry a change of clothes and essentials in your carry-on. You might need a change of clothes before going shopping should your checked-in luggage get missing or there’s some delay. Keep in mind that carrying too much stuff is weight one doesn’t need. Always better to travel light.

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#3. Taking photos of travel documents, not photocopies, and emailing these to yourself is the second smart travel step. You will have proof to present to officials should any travel document get missing. We hope not. What’s with missing things anyway?

Well, with travel, one never knows when something may go wrong. Imagine that you are in a bathroom and can’t get out after doing your business because the lock is jammed. Worse you are a solo traveler and it’s getting late. Okay, I will stop now…

#4. Roll your clothes rather than fold them. Rolling will prevent wrinkling and save you ironing time.

8 tested hacks for the best travel

#5. Keep your clothes smelling fresh with essential oils like orange, lemon, and Ylang Ylang , plus you will feel like a million dollars smelling so good.

#6. Protect valuables like chargers and knick-knacks by wrapping them in clingfilm.

#7. Keep jet lag at bay. Exercise the right amount, the night before.

#8. Do a good deed. Give your coins to the homeless the day before you return home. Well, unless you have personal reasons to save them, they lose their value to you. So, want to do a good deed instead?


I hope you find these 8 tested hacks helpful.

Some final thoughts.

Did you know?
There’s something about looking for new hotel listings and getting to stay in one. It’s a new hotel or resort and you are the first occupant of a room and the first to sleep on that bed. How cool is that!
I think that’s something to experience and it’s special too. So, keep a lookout while planning a trip if you want that experience.

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Probability of experiencing a brand new hotel is like winning a lottery..haha

Great tips! Researching on hotels to stay in during trips is one of my fav things to do!

I especially find tip no.4 to be quite helpful. I guess I’ll try it out on my next travel experience. Thanks.

Very informative! I’ve also found that rolling clothes saves space.

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