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Cape Three Points: Best Hidden and Striking Stop

Cape Three Points: Best Hidden and Striking Stop

Cape Three Points has to be Ghana’s best hidden yet striking getaway destination. It is a dream location for the off-grid enthusiast, a backpacker’s haven, and perfect for escaping the pressures of city life.

So, we made plans to explore Butre beach as well, on our way to the scenic Cape Three Points, located in the Western region. Butre village because a housemate wouldn’t stop about how serene, calm and undisturbed Butre beach is. 
Serene and calm is great.

We set off from Osu to Takoradi. The only way to get to Cape Three Points from Takoradi is to drive. Taxis and Tro-tros are available at Agona, another suburb close to Takoradi.  I would suggest making firm arrangements to drive to your accommodation if you plan to spend the night like we did, so you do not have to walk from the last taxi stop in the village. The long walk along a bumpy, dusty, and difficult-to-navigate road especially when it rains is not pretty. Not a surprise that not all drivers are willing to go.

Cape Three Points Ecolodge

We spent a night at the Escape3Points Ecolodge at Cape Three Points village where we had booked hostel beds. The toilet was the composting kind. Not the flush-with-water one we use. I couldn’t help thinking about something going wrong while in there. Creepy crawlies or a pair of eyes peering up at me from the compost, waiting for the right time to bite my behind. Okay, not the best thoughts but nothing prepared me for the compost toilet so I couldn’t go. Did you catch that?

Nonetheless, I am glad for the experience of Cape Three Points village, and the friendly service at The Escape lodge.  The ocean and the wide beach so close to the lodge makes you forget the trouble it takes to get there.

Unspoiled sandy beaches, stunning raw nature, clean air, fresh seafood, and the luminous glow of ocean water leave us captivated. I couldn’t help but wonder about the many secrets the ocean holds within its depths as I watched the waves crash against the rocks or hit the beach,.

Cape Three Points Lighthouse

Cape Three Points: Best hidden and striking stop

The Cape Three Points lighthouse which is a 20-minute walk from the Escape lodge marks the earth’s middle ground going by Geography. So, being there is being in the middle point of the earth. That’s pretty awesome, right?

Oh yes, we loved spending time at Butre as well. The pristine beach, was beautiful to behold as we had imagined. Crossing the wooden footbridge linking Busua and Butre villages was an experience. Was it strong enough to support our weight? It had gaps so you could see the water below as you crossed. The guide told us that sometimes the water below the bridge rises as high as the bridge, almost like it’s going to get submerged. My heart!

We decided against hiking up the hills to Fort Batenstein slave castle agreeing if one has visited the Elmina and Cape Coast castles, one has kind of seen them all. It is a steep climb to the fort. Not for the faint of heart. Local guides are available to help navigate the rugged terrain and you can enjoy the view of the coast, rock formations, fields, and forests around Butre from the fort.
Want to read about our Afadjato hiking experience here?

Other things to do!

  1. Go fishing in dugout canoes. Enjoy a picnic and bonfires with your catch of the day.
  2. Surf and sunbathe.
  3. Explore Dixcove and all the other slave forts, a sad reminder of the past. We passed also. My best activity aside from staring at the ocean water was the trek to the lighthouse. Loved it!

There now, you know what to do if you decide to explore Cape Three Points.


Nice description! I stayed at Cape Three points for a year, & miss the virgin beaches, clean air & serenity and the beautiful environment. Only clause was the sea breeze spoilt most of my iron & steel accessories.
Great place for a getaway!

Ashley Grey must be real brave? Compost toilet bravery not for me.

Right! Haa! Some courage! I understand one gets used to using it after a day or two though.
Thanks for the feedback. ✨

Wao, didn’t know this existed. Always thought the middle of the earth was the Greenwich Meridian in Tema. Sounds like a pleasant trip.

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