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The Fish Festival in Accra

The Fish Festival in Accra

The fish festival to celebrate fishermen and fishmongers attracted a lot of visitors from far and wide to Accra.

Fishermen have great skill considering the dangers they face out at sea to provide food. They deserve the celebration and recognition they get.

the fish festival begins in accra.
puffer fish in a sizeable jar on display.

There were exhibitions from various vendors during the two-day event and a fish market with seafood, and fish delicacies on display. One of the stands had a sizeable jar with a puffer fish in it on display. There was a warning about how poisonous this fish is.
Quite impressive as I wasn’t expecting that.
It was also a pleasant surprise to see flip-flops made from fish parts. Really creative work.

There was learning about best practices, tips, and tricks for sustainable fishing. The discussions and presentations on protecting fish, the dangers of overfeeding them, weather challenges, and other adverse conditions that affect fish provided great insights.

The energy and passion to move the fishing industry forward could be felt. All the stakeholders seemed so motivated. It was impressive to see the locally-built fiberglass boat parade.  

This message I share below is from one of the tee-shirts. It is a promise of what is possible and beautifully captures the theme of the festival about sustainable practices.

Eco-friendly canoes.
The way to go.

I never heard the term eco-friendly canoes before now. Canoes made from materials that won’t harm the environment is the way to go. Isn’t it?

The organizers of the fish festival did a great job and I can only see great things from here just like the coconut festival.


I live the stories of what was
And you publish previous

Would you please post your next planning and expected event adventure like the fish festival with the dates and relevant information?


The kind of event I love to attend! Enough seafood delicacies to savour!
Was wondering about the flip flops made from fish parts, sounds like an interesting innovation.

It is amazing, what the human mind can accomplish. Thanks for the feedback, Christiana.

I like the sound of this. Wish I were there.

I didn’t know there was a fishing festival in Accra. Thanks for letting. us know.

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