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10 Smart Expert Tips for Fun Road Trips

10 Smart Expert Tips for Fun Road Trips

Experts advise smart tips for fun road trips and experiences. More so, during holidays, and festive seasons.


Indeed, road travel can be fun when you have a reliable car and a flexible enough schedule to allow for stops at places of interest along the way. You want to create memories, enjoy life’s simple pleasures, and not feel like you have to rush all the time. Being alive is a gift, right?

Right, let’s get to these smart tips for a fun road travel experience that experts agree on, shall we?

#1. Have a professional check your car. You want to make sure the tires, engine, brakes, headlights, and turn signals are in good condition. To assume they are, and everything will be fine, is leaving things to chance and risking unpleasant experiences.  Unpleasantness is what you want to avoid. True, we can’t control everything but we can try to lessen mishaps. Yes?

Road trips and gorgeous scenery

#2. Ensure everyone has a functioning seat belt. Care to read the statistics about seat belts here?

#3. Download offline maps and entertainment, that you might need. Sometimes, a connection is unavailable.

#4.  Use the hands-free feature. Pull over to the side, at a safe spot, if you have to text.

#5. Driving while tired, upset, hungry, thirsty, or under the influence of alcohol, clouds judgment. So, have a supply of food, water, snacks, fruits, and vegetables. Stay hydrated with water. Er, no alcohol, please. 

#6. Look ahead of the car in front of you while driving. This way you know what the driver in front of you might likely encounter. No nasty surprises and you can take steps to either switch lanes, slow down or pull off the road entirely.

smart tips for fun road trips

Stops and picnics are smart tips for fun road trips.

#7.  Plan stops, and picnics. If traveling with children, here are some ideas to keep them entertained, especially if you want to break the technology habit. The “Question Jar” idea seems like fun and an opportunity for bonding too.

#8. If you drive with air conditioning, listen and stay alert. Keep music low. Sometimes, you miss external warning signs or calls when the windows are up and the music is blaring.

#9. Drive within speed limits. Use the cruise control feature to enhance comfort while driving and save gas.

#10. Stretch your legs after every hour or so of driving to keep your focus.

A bonus smart tip.

Have a flashlight, a spare tire, a jack, and first aid essentials.

To safe and fun road trips! Yes?

What are some ways you make road trips a fun experience?


Most people don’t plan to have fun when traveling. They are passive and accept things as they happen, often having lots to complain about which gives them something to talk about. Being procreative and building excitement and expectation into your trip can be so much more rewarding! Thanks Ashley! You’ve given me some points to consider!

having good companions while driving will enhance a road trip.. avoid arguments if possible..

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