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Bonding Over Our Blazing New Year’s Eve Bonfire

Bonding Over Our Blazing New Year’s Eve Bonfire

Bonding over a raging New Year’s Eve bonfire! And what a bonfire!

New Year Eve's  bonfire at the beach

Wild camping or should I say beach camping eating and chatting with amazing folks! What’s not to love? The beach is still a popular travel destination more than ever as restrictions are lifted and the world opens up.

Beach lovers, say aye!

Wild Camping or should I say beach camping

There was music, singing, dancing, and fun games.  This little guy, Emmanuel beat me at a board game. Ouch! He’s quite skilled. Who knew? Not me. So, I lost.
Getting to know Philldel, another smart kid was a pleasure too and I think what a blessing to have these special moments.

Moments later, two riders on horseback appeared and stopped to chat, drawn by the bonfire. I thought their horses were elegant. The horses are still up at this hour. What? I watched as one of them led his horse into the water, pretending, they were going to go through the ocean. The horse calmly followed. Kind of a heart-stopping moment there. Then he stopped and led the horse the right way. Exhale! All is well again and I guess he realized that he is not Moses in the Bible.

gorgeous horses

Sometimes, like that horse, we have to trust someone to lead, don’t we? Whom do you trust? That counts, right?

Now, back to our night out bonding over our bonfire on New Year’s Eve story!

Bonding over our roaring New Year’s Eve bonfire!

I stared after their retreating silhouettes riding into the dark and silent night only interrupted by the crackling sound of wood from our bonfire.

… a bonfire in a strong wind is not blown out, but blazes even brighter.

Dilgo K.R

NK’s message about praying and that nothing is too small to pray about made a great impact. Many a time, we forget to pray.
If you visit Accra and want a non-denominational, multicultural and friendly community to get together with, then, the Accra Community Church is great. NK is the lead pastor.

Gorgeous horses, bonding, vast ocean water, clean beaches, bonfires, and starry or even pitch-black nights at 2 AM!  This is a night to remember.

What fun experiences did you have on New Year’s Eve?


Oh wow, vivid caption yet very summarized. Amazing!

I guess the rider was trustworthy and so the horse could trust him even with its life. A quality to nurture, trustworthiness.

Wow, Ashley! Your skilled choice if words! It felt as if I was there!

Wish I had been a fly on the wall to have at least shared in this experience. You make it seem even more fascinating with your narration. Mine was a quiet new year eve as has been for a few years now, which usually is by choice.

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