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Air Travel: Best 5 Safety Facts That Offer Comfort

Air Travel: Best 5 Safety Facts That Offer Comfort

Knowledge is power in air travel. Facts help to keep anxious thoughts at bay.  Most of us tend to be wary of the unknown and things we don’t understand or control. The fear of heights, strange midair noise, fear of heights, germs, and viruses, and being in such an enclosed space as an aircraft for many hours can cause distress. Aviophobia, yes, there’s a name for it, is the fear of flying. In this post, I share five air travel facts that offer some comfort about flying. Let’s get right in, shall we?

#1.  Airplanes have come a long way. They used to look like this.

Airplanes have come a long way. Now they are sleek and built tough.

Airplanes have come a long way.

Top 5 Air Travel Facts That Offer Comfort

Now they are sleek, built tough, and capable of so much more like withstanding the impact of lightning strikes and turbulence.

#2. Rigorous flight tests are conducted to determine flight worthiness. Test pilots get to do impressive stuff that regular pilots won’t do to ascertain what an aircraft is capable of as well as test its limits. These test pilots must have nerves of steel as they could die or lose the aircraft while testing the manufacturer’s claims.

modern jet

#3. More fuel-efficient and Eco-friendly airplanes, quietly taking off and landing. This is a comforting fact. They can also fly even with no engines. Thus, giving the pilot the time to get everyone to safety on the ground.

More Air Travel Facts.

#4. Flight attendants notice a lot as they welcome you. They read body language. Helpful, polite, competent, rookie traveler. They notice if you are bringing your own food, carrying a book/what you are reading.  Are you intoxicated? Often, this means trouble. Do you have a disability, are elderly, and need care? Can you assist in an emergency, understand shouted commands, and read exit instructions? Do you speak the language of instruction? Their primary duty and training, you see, is safety not serving tea. This is comforting. Yes? By the way, this is a short yet funny read.

#5. Smokers are fined heavily for smoking. The cigarette butt ends up in the trash can and starts a fire! Oops! A dangerous situation for everyone. This could have gone south.

A Comforting Air Travel Fact

It is comforting to learn of the continuous rigorous training to anticipate and reduce our risk.

The utmost respect for all who contribute to aviation safety.  It is a huge responsibility to have most of humanity counting on you for several hours each day and night. Oh and let’s not forget to say a prayer as more often it’s the human factor rather than a bad aircraft that is the cause of accidents.

How do you keep anxiety out? Do you just go on board and binge on the movies instead? I am curious to learn what works for you.

Now, I think it’d be nice to have a go at flying a plane, at least once, in a person’s lifetime. Sort of like see through the lens of a pilot for a bit. That will be quite an experience. Wouldn’t you agree? Or maybe, just read about planning the perfect trip.



Great read.
Never been anxious on a flight. Going through videos, books or recordings stored on my phone helps pass the time.
I wonder that with all the safety and comfort information, none of the flight attendants / crew, ever warn passengers about Airplane ear (ear barotrauma), despite being a common experience with flying.

You make a valid point there, Christiana. I can only hazard a guess right now, as to why there isn’t any warning about the Airplane ear.
Most passengers get better with self-care (Swallowing, working the jaw from side to side, etc.)
Infants and folks with a disability may be more at risk and get the care they need. Generally, people who get sick inflight are attended to anyway.

Funny and interesting read. More of this.

Welcome back. I’m more anxious during descent/landing. For some reason, I actually enjoy the turbulences.

Thanks, KK. Ah, you enjoy the bumps and the shakes… Most are mild and last for only a short period. Comforting! ✨

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