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How to be Amazing: The No Shame Uncommon Life

How to be Amazing: The No Shame Uncommon Life

How to be amazing, live an uncommon life, and have no cause to be ashamed, is something isn’t it? Each day presents hopes as well as challenges!

A preacher once remarked about a certain widow, who dismissed what she had by saying “I have nothing except this jar of oil.”  Well, guess what? That jar of oil multiplied. The best part was the averted shame and disgrace from lack. Want to read the full story here?
Indeed, our thoughts and the glass through which we look matter. We can live our best lives in spite of our fears or crippling thoughts.

In this post, I share a social worker’s perspective about living an uncommon life. Maybe we can learn to walk or stay on the path to the no BS, fulfilling life that we seek.
Well, let’s get to it, shall we?

A Fulfilled Life?

“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.”

Mae West

Philosophers describe a fulfilled life as being alive, filled with purpose and satisfaction, involving vision, and requiring intensive alignment. This, of course, is a big deal, and sought by all.

“Why am I here?” “How do I want to be remembered?” “What matters most in life?” Many people in the quest for fulfillment ask these questions at some point in life. Interestingly, how to live a fulfilled life is a question that has been asked for centuries.
Though we need to make a deliberate effort for our existence to count, fretting on the matter could easily become a gratuitous task, completely unnecessary and exhausting.

And anyway, what counts as fulfillment to one is different from what another considers a meaningful life. There is no standard blueprint.

How to be amazing: The no shame uncommon life.

Commit to the journey and stand out

Now in my second quarter of life, I realize that our definition of an amazing life is on the strength of our values and outlook. Some find fulfillment in family and loving relationships. Others in jobs, careers, engaging hobbies, and religious and charitable activities. We must not forget those who find wealth accumulation fulfilling.

The amazing life and distinct assignments.

I think that everyone has a distinct assignment and purpose. Some people despite encountering insurmountable obstacles succeed at living their best lives. Others do not and it may not be for lack of trying sometimes.
Many people, on getting to the last quarter of their lives realize that they spent so much time on one aspect of their lives, less on others, and even completely neglected some others in the process. They realize what they could have done but didn’t.

How to be amazing: The no shame uncommon life

How to be amazing.

So how do we ensure we live a fulfilled life?

Being intentional in ensuring that we make the best of our lives on earth is a good place to start.  To be alive is both an opportunity and a gift, right? So consciously maintaining a balance as we pursue our dreams and aspirations, maintain relationships, and connect with our creator is key.

To conclude, a fulfilled life is something we chase for the rest of our lives.

Christiana Etuwe Abandy

Hmm! Perhaps, being amazing is a journey if “a fulfilled life is something we chase for the rest of our lives.”

And well, that might actually be a good thing because we would keep setting goals and achieving them. Yes?

Thoughts? Comments? Share them in the comments section below. Want to be intentional about living your best life? Why not start right now?


Great! May our quest for a fulfilled life not prevent others from realising theirs.

A friend asked me today, “what do you think your higher purpose is?”, and I didn’t have an answer. That being said, I know my purpose can only be found in the journey. That’s what keeps me going. So, maybe it’s true that fulfilment is something we chase all our lives.

Yeah, and I suppose learning this takes the pressure off living our best lives. Worry does no good.
Someone said “live 80% in the present. 5% on the past and 15% on the future.”
That’s worth giving a thought to.

Wow, Ashley! You truly inspire me to keep at it! A precious “must study” book is “Purpose Driven Life” by Rick Warren.

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