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essential oils. aromatic oils. smell and feel great with our essential oils.

These essential oils quick facts are so you never have to make mistakes choosing. Do you want to learn more about the oils? Then keep reading as they are gaining popularity as people make healthier choices and embrace the benefits of the oils. First, what are essential oils? To put it simply, they are crafted oils from plant matter through a process of distillation which extracts the plant’s juice, or potion if you will. So, you want to know the growing condition of the plants to get the best oil quality. This post shares 15 quick facts about essential oils the wellness enthusiast should know. Let’s get started, shall we? Quick facts to know to never make mistakes about essential oils More facts about essential oils Make your essential oils gentle with base or carrier oils. Conclusion Essentials oils are fantastic for the health-conscious like you. Smell and feel great with…

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reduce, reuse, recycle

Do you want to know what sustainability is? Do you want to get better results with living sustainably and building green brands? Then you are welcome to continue reading. Let’s get right to it, shall we?  What is sustainability in simple terms? In simple words, sustainability is preserving, conserving, reclaiming, and limiting waste and pollution. Someone wisely said, we thrash broken things far too quickly forgetting that it took a lot of time and effort to create. Oops! However, I would find that balance between keeping and cluttering. Or else that cushy and leisurely space can quickly become a nest for creepy bugs after storing so many items for recycling. No? Er, okay, bugs have rights! But you get the picture hopefully!  Where can you recycle, reduce and re-purpose safely? Did you read about the team trying to capture water vapor in order to turn it into liquid yet? Cool…

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how to begin blogging: what the best bloggers know. image made with postermywall

Do you want to begin blogging and learn what the best bloggers know? Then you are in the right place and I am glad. Now, do I wish I knew some of these myself before I started? Oh yeah! Let’s get to it, shall we? How to begin a blog? Decide on the big idea to blog. This is an important step and may seem obvious. However, sometimes ideas are not always clear. At other times, they change, the more we learn. The Encyclopedia of World Problems and Human Potential has useful information to spark ideas. Also, consider using your interests and what you love learning about as a guide for what to blog about. Now, do not get too worried if you can’t decide on an idea. Sometimes, you have to get started to find your rhythm. Go ahead and be the blogster you dreamed of. Get a name.…

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The future of travel with technology

The future of travel! How might travel in the future be different with technology? Right from the beginning of time, getting around for work or recreation, has always been an integral part of human activity. With passing time, getting around is easier and faster. Still, we get impatient sometimes. The thrill of adventure, discovering new territories, and ways of living and we can’t wait to arrive at our destination and get started, right? How might technology impact future travel? Can travel get easier, quieter and faster? Oh yeah, if what I read in my feed about air taxis AKA flying cars is anything to go by. Also, intriguing to read about is the test run of the electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing aircraft (eVTOL) a few days ago. The “uber” travel experience in the skies.Ready? …And with all your getting, get understanding. Proverbs 4:7 The first car ride, what a…

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penguins in a mall aquarium.

Waiting to get checked – in at your reservation can be an unpleasant experience. Unless of course, you give some thought to how you are going to spend the waiting hours. Imagine you arrive at 5 a.m. at your destination but check-in isn’t until 3 p.m. What do you do during those hours? A vacationer wants to maximize those long hours in between to have a memorable travel experience, right? If you are like me, you can’t wait to see interesting places in the new city. But wait, you have luggage that can hinder getting around easily, and need to secure it before getting started. Usually, the hotel can secure your luggage. What if it is a distance you aren’t ready for yet and you’d much rather get started exploring? Having access to secure locker facilities with a PIN is great. Bravo! Luggage storage problems are solved! So, how to…

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Top 5 Air Travel Facts That Offer Comfort

Knowledge is power in air travel. Facts help to keep anxious thoughts at bay.  Most of us tend to be wary of the unknown and things we don’t understand or control. The fear of heights, strange midair noise, fear of heights, germs, and viruses, and being in such an enclosed space as an aircraft for many hours can cause distress. Aviophobia, yes, there’s a name for it, is the fear of flying. In this post, I share five air travel facts that offer some comfort about flying. Let’s get right in, shall we? #1.  Airplanes have come a long way. They used to look like this. Airplanes have come a long way. Now they are sleek, built tough, and capable of so much more like withstanding the impact of lightning strikes and turbulence. #2. Rigorous flight tests are conducted to determine flight worthiness. Test pilots get to do impressive stuff…

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bonding over our bonfire on new year's eve

Bonding over a raging New Year’s Eve bonfire! And what a bonfire! Wild camping or should I say beach camping eating and chatting with amazing folks! What’s not to love? The beach is still a popular travel destination more than ever as restrictions are lifted and the world opens up. Beach lovers, say aye! There was music, singing, dancing, and fun games.  This little guy, Emmanuel beat me at a board game. Ouch! He’s quite skilled. Who knew? Not me. So, I lost. Getting to know Philldel, another smart kid was a pleasure too and I think what a blessing to have these special moments. Moments later, two riders on horseback appeared and stopped to chat, drawn by the bonfire. I thought their horses were elegant. The horses are still up at this hour. What? I watched as one of them led his horse into the water, pretending, they were…

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smart expert tips for fun road trips.

Experts advise smart tips for fun road trips and experiences. More so, during holidays, and festive seasons. Indeed, road travel can be fun when you have a reliable car and a flexible enough schedule to allow for stops at places of interest along the way. You want to create memories, enjoy life’s simple pleasures, and not feel like you have to rush all the time. Being alive is a gift, right? Right, let’s get to these smart tips for a fun road travel experience that experts agree on, shall we? #1. Have a professional check your car. You want to make sure the tires, engine, brakes, headlights, and turn signals are in good condition. To assume they are, and everything will be fine, is leaving things to chance and risking unpleasant experiences.  Unpleasantness is what you want to avoid. True, we can’t control everything but we can try to lessen…

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the fishing festival

The fish festival to celebrate fishermen and fishmongers attracted a lot of visitors from far and wide to Accra. Fishermen have great skill considering the dangers they face out at sea to provide food. They deserve the celebration and recognition they get. There were exhibitions from various vendors during the two-day event and a fish market with seafood, and fish delicacies on display. One of the stands had a sizeable jar with a puffer fish in it on display. There was a warning about how poisonous this fish is. Quite impressive as I wasn’t expecting that. It was also a pleasant surprise to see flip-flops made from fish parts. Really creative work. There was learning about best practices, tips, and tricks for sustainable fishing. The discussions and presentations on protecting fish, the dangers of overfeeding them, weather challenges, and other adverse conditions that affect fish provided great insights. The energy…

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