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Afadja Mountain

We set off very early that morning. Really excited, we were finally going to hike and climb Afadjato, the highest peak in Ghana. To look from below, you would think, this should be easy enough. Were we wrong! It was tasking. No steps or clearly marked trails. Instead dicey slopes, crevices and dangerous drops. We needed more water than we had, stopped more times than we planned, to catch our breaths, and sometimes went on all fours to keep from falling. Arghh! Embarrassing. Possibly, amusing for our guide? We had a guide. A group of students we encounter share some water with us. Yay! Strength and vigor renewed, and voila we reach the top. What a marvelous view. Life is good again. Our guide reveals that half the time, many quit. Oh, wow, so he was impressed with us for finishing, after all? Then he adds that descending is just…

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