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  I got stung by a bee. A first. I was sitting quietly at a bazaar and boom; the bee stings me. My thoughts about bees was always of sweetness.Now I think, I will never quite look at honey and bees the same way.The timely involvement of Mallory, Chidera, Annie May and the kind server with the ice pack saved the day. Next, there was a mini concert and a guy carrying bottles of water. It was easy to think he was hawking them. Yours truly was looking to buy. He replied he wasn’t selling. Moments later, guess who is called onstage? You guessed it, ‘water boy’ is a performer taking water to the band boys, and what a performance it was! Awkward moment there for a minute. No? What can I say?  Modesty and serving others are still gorgeous traits. This quote from one of the poets at a…

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