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Real experiences: how to create your happy workplace

Looking to create a happy workplace? We need more than ever to learn how to create a happy workspace in order to be more productive, and what better way to learn than from real stories of people at work? The workplace can be both a dream workplace and a productive one too, right? Like me do you wonder why some people work at a place for so many years? Some as long as 15 or more years. Pretty long, huh? Perhaps, they learned to recognize a potentially toxic environment like the one described here. Hmm! Let’s dive into the subject of this post, shall we? Real experiences to help create a happy workspace Manny says “Friendly colleagues, stop to smile and say hi! My input counts. Successes are acknowledged, and even when something goes south, there isn’t any yelling or unpleasantness. These make me look forward to going to work.…

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Work is not simply fulfilling duties, is it? There seems to be more. Ivan is a famous chef. He thought he might share his culinary passion with his young son, who seemed to delight in his dad’s cordon bleu cooking. It would be a good bonding experience, he thought, and his son might learn about work at the same time. Then, one day, they had several men over for beers and a sandwich. Ivan gave his son Pete strict instructions, adding that a line cook is like a robot. Meals are to be perfect each time. Well, Pete slipped up. One of the sandwiches was burned. Asked how he could have allowed that slip up, Pete replied that the food was free. Why did it matter? Taking his son aside, Ivan told him that he is great at this- cooking, and touched lives simultaneously on the job. So he could…

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