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  John (not real name} was taken hostage for 163 days while serving as a missionary abroad.  He survived four wars, three accidents, two food poisoning attempts and an assassination attempt on his life. Now I think aside from the banging, ultra-cool scars many survivors have, they also possess special qualities that help them live life.  Surely, emotional intelligence is one such quality. It takes emotional intelligence to process feelings appropriately to stay alive.   How about courage, the will to live and the God factor? Oh yeah!  Really, it is easy to become bitter after surviving cunning and competitive folks. Try to not do that.  Maybe get help?  Attempting to live again begins with a positive attitude, self-love and great wit  and these are additional survival qualities to possess. Life may be swings and slides. My wish though is that we stay “swinging” for longer. Dare to think like a…

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