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Fishing Community, Accra

Three bricklayers were asked what they were doing as they tried to rebuild a church that had been gutted by fire. The first replied, “I am laying bricks.” The second responded with, “I am repairing a wall.”The third answered, “I am building a cathedral.”  That last response! Enthusiasm shines through those words. He already saw the beauty they would create and bricklaying did not seem like work anymore. Talk about goals! Ever watched children playing outdoors? Do you feel their passion and energy in the way they engage one another? Makes me think I never want to do anything I am not excited about.That may just be the way to live life sustainably. Happy people tend to live longer. Yes? Are you able to mix passion, enthusiasm and work?  Quite the skill to have right there and yes, perspective is everything. Selah! Ah, Reuben? A housemate’s cat and you should see…

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