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Let the golden age of travel begin

A new “Golden Age of Travel” according to Chris Nassetta, Hilton hotel chain CEO, is about to begin. I say amen, to that. The hospitality and travel industry suffered huge losses as a result of the pandemic. The Golden Age represents eras of prosperity and stability. It suggests periods of less toil and grief and more ease and abundance. There have been a few Golden Ages in history. Examples are the Golden Age of Literature when literature and the Arts flourished. There’s also the Golden Age of Flanders when cultural and economic activities blossomed. Also, worth mentioning is the Golden Age of Television, which was marked by a large number of live productions. And you can read about Africa’s involvement in the Golden Age here.  I found it interesting. Maybe, you will too. Did you read it yet? Great! You want to keep that dream alive. Write the book, ask…

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