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pretty toys in a toy store

See that pretty toy in a store full of toys? It sits pretty and hopeful that it will be selected from the lot. Taken out of the store to a new home, maybe?! Be relevant? Yeah! To give pleasant experiences to a child some day soon. Make a dream come true. That’s how the designer intended things to be. Yes? pretty toys in a store It needs a battery though. Little toys, big toys, not-so-big toys, batteries power them all. “For without me, you can do nothing.” We want to be powered, to remain relevant. Leave footprints on the sands of time. Feel content and rewarded. Note how the battery that powers the toy is often unseen? Yet, without this, the toy just sits, looking pretty but unfulfilled. The battery, the inner voice, the intuition, if you will, though unseen, keeps things running effortlessly. Almost!Isn’t this the ultimate experience? Autopilot…

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