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A tale of ten thousand euros is about winning. It all started with one child and a woman wishing to learn to read and write. A tale about winning The opportunity of teaching literacy skills, free of cost to learners, was a rewarding experience, and witnessing the transformation and confidence that comes with learning and mastery felt good. Soon, the class grew as girls of varying ages joined. There was a handful of boys, which, I suppose was alright too. The need for more resources to manage the growth was clear at this point. “Achievement is no hocus-pocus. It is focus, focus.” Ana C. Antunes So, we could try to seek out funding. A tale of winning I remember the email notification of a funding opportunity for art, education, and technology-based initiatives. To know that we met the requirements was reassuring.  I also remember the excitement of knowing our application…

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Silver lining, is a phrase to describe a situation in which good can occur in harsh circumstances. Venue is Accra Mall. A couple of women entrepreneurs meet up for an excursion to Blue Skies. Yes, the famed company noted for making mouth-watering gelatos that people are nuts about. What’s not to love about this trip! Except it gets cancelled and at such short notice too. Sigh! That was difficult to understand. We had to make the most of the day and soon introduce one another over coffee at one of the mall’s cafés. We share business experiences. Naturally! We also discuss product packaging and visit packaging factories in the city. It was a good learning and networking experience. Some factories impress with huge machinery in well-maintained, clean spaces, with boxes and bags neatly put away on shelves. Others, not quite. Who dropped the ball? I met Aku-Shika. She is the…

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