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Accra Coconut Festival:

The International Coconut Festival taking place in Accra is indeed off to a good start. I was not quite sure what to expect. Perhaps, an unlimited supply of coconut food. Sure! Maybe floats made from coconut husks? We’ll see! A coconut festival should mean a fresh, creamy, delightful experience with juicy coconuts. Right! That was good enough for me. The coconut festival idea is intriguing. Also, I get excited about subjects that inspire green, and organic living, so, I went to check out the event. Nuts for the coconuts! There weren’t any floats of coconut pods. One can only hope, yes? Attendance was good though. There was learning. There are huge dividends to investing in the coconut industry because of the versatile nature of the fruit. Not to mention the different species and varieties available. We get oil, water, and milk, and make smoothies from the fruit. The list of…

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The kernel that pops and becomes popcorn! Pleasure!! The grains that wouldn’t? Well, they risk the trash. The popping sounds, the leaping, and hopping in response to heat are interesting to see. Also, interesting is the fact that the kernels pop at different times and not all at once. Isn’t that sort of like life? We are ready at different times. Some attain goals quicker than others, don’t they? But no matter as long as we all get there, that’s okay. Right? The Kernel Fact! Popcorn kernel can leap up to 3 feet. The heat does get intense. Yikes! You want to keep the pot covered. To everything there is a season,A time for every purpose under heaven. Ecclesiastes 3:1 NKJV Heat and pressure are uncomfortable for us humans and just like the grains, we’d rather hop off to where it is cooler and less stressful, yes? Also, notice how…

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