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smart expert tips for fun road trips.

Experts advise smart tips for fun road trips and experiences. More so, during holidays, and festive seasons. Indeed, road travel can be fun when you have a reliable car and a flexible enough schedule to allow for stops at places of interest along the way. You want to create memories, enjoy life’s simple pleasures, and not feel like you have to rush all the time. Being alive is a gift, right? Right, let’s get to these smart tips for a fun road travel experience that experts agree on, shall we? #1. Have a professional check your car. You want to make sure the tires, engine, brakes, headlights, and turn signals are in good condition. To assume they are, and everything will be fine, is leaving things to chance and risking unpleasant experiences.  Unpleasantness is what you want to avoid. True, we can’t control everything but we can try to lessen…

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“Come chop” broken English for “come eat” were the words on the invite. That sounds great I thought. Food is satisfying especially with the right company.  Surprise! It was a birthday too. While this was a fun experience with siblings Yomi and Fehinti, not sure the 200 or so men who attended Absalom’s party so many years ago can say the same. They probably thought it would be fun hanging out with a prince. Instead it was a mess. His intentions were bad and you can read all about it here. chop The company doesn’t have to be a big name to have a good time. In fact, one can have trouble as guest of a big boss, like we see with this prince. Maybe, there’s a thing with 200?! David’s 200 joined the victory party. It was not a trap even when they had been weary from fighting. Grace…

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