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Mary Neal, MD and author, describes her experience of a place yonder and distant. She recalls leaving her body after a kayaking accident and being aware of heaven. A place beyond the pines, gleaming lights and no more nights. ZACK WILL BE ALRIGHT Zack Clements collapsed at gym class in his Christian high school. His heart stopped and for a full 20 minutes, doctors worked to revive him. He shares his experience of a place far off, a glimpse of heaven, seeing Jesus and a line of angels. Jesus touched him and said he’d be alright. He was 17 at the time. People did not believe him. FATHER ABRAHAM EXPLAINS In the Luke 16:19-31 account, the rich man recognized Lazarus. He felt thirst and torment. It was so intense he asked that Abraham have Lazarus return to warn his five brothers about an afterlife experience. Abraham’s reply is intriguing. He…

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