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bonding over our bonfire on new year's eve

Bonding over a raging New Year’s Eve bonfire! And what a bonfire! Wild camping or should I say beach camping eating and chatting with amazing folks! What’s not to love? The beach is still a popular travel destination more than ever as restrictions are lifted and the world opens up. Beach lovers, say aye! There was music, singing, dancing, and fun games.  This little guy, Emmanuel beat me at a board game. Ouch! He’s quite skilled. Who knew? Not me. So, I lost. Getting to know Philldel, another smart kid was a pleasure too and I think what a blessing to have these special moments. Moments later, two riders on horseback appeared and stopped to chat, drawn by the bonfire. I thought their horses were elegant. The horses are still up at this hour. What? I watched as one of them led his horse into the water, pretending, they were…

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Nelly’s dad was quite fond of saying, “don’t drive a willing horse to death.” Huh!? It didn’t make much sense to her. It did however, the older and wiser she got. At one time or another, we might have seen a horse handler breaking a horse or putting it under saddle. At first, it is tough. Eventually, the animal is ready and serves the owner on a farm or on the field. With a saddle safely in place, one can ride safely on the horse. But I digress. Now, the horse is malleable and willing, but you want to watch that you don’t ride it to exhaustion and death. There’s such a thing as a good thing being too much. That’s what Nelly’s dad meant by the expression. horse Like we see in the story of the prophet and a donkey, even a beast of burden has its breaking point.…

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