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a walk along the Butre beach

Cape Three Points has to be Ghana’s best hidden yet striking getaway destination. It is a dream location for the off-grid enthusiast, a backpacker’s haven, and perfect for escaping the pressures of city life. So, we made plans to explore Butre beach as well, on our way to the scenic Cape Three Points, located in the Western region. Butre village because a housemate wouldn’t stop about how serene, calm and undisturbed Butre beach is.  Serene and calm is great. We set off from Osu to Takoradi. The only way to get to Cape Three Points from Takoradi is to drive. Taxis and Tro-tros are available at Agona, another suburb close to Takoradi.  I would suggest making firm arrangements to drive to your accommodation if you plan to spend the night like we did, so you do not have to walk from the last taxi stop in the village. The long…

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Choose a good name.

A quote by George Carlin in Brain Droppings attests to the fact that a good name is desirable. There are women named Faith, Hope, Joy, and Prudence. Why not Despair, Guilt, Rage, and Grief? George Carlin Indeed, why not? Easy! Names stick and we want to get them right. Why bear the name “Despair” and not “Hope”? “Guilt” sounds depressing already, doesn’t it? SASH-T, sent in this account of a choice she made a few years ago. I imagine that it couldn’t have been an easy one to make.  Choosing right in the face of overwhelming situations is often, not convenient.  But she was rewarded as we will see. Her story, I hope, encourages someone who might be facing something similar. I share it below.        I was following up on my application for a job and this is what the then acting director hesitantly asked me. “Did…

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