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I read about a man who loved to walk barefoot. Problem was he had diabetes and could get gangrene from an infected cut. He angrily threw out a pair of slippers he got as a gift when advised to use them, because he felt that was controlling and hated to be told what to do. As you probably can predict, one foot did get amputated. There is something about living on the edge that can sometimes be appealing to the human mind. We are such complex beings after. Without doubt, there are a lot more, but here are my list of five types of advice we give but rarely use, and maybe you can relate. Be On Time. Use Common Sense. The Easy Path is Not Always the Right One. (Oh how I wish it always was.) Listen, Really Listen Before Speaking. To Be Truly Excellent at Anything, You Have…

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Everything answers to a name

Few things identify someone as much as a name does and sometimes we get to hear a sweet story behind the designation. After several miscarriages and a hard time getting pregnant, a man takes his wife on a much needed vacation to the Italian Riviera. On this particular night, there is a full moon and he asks his wife to make a wish. Nine months later, they have a child and call her Luna, after the full moon.   Luna’s story inspires. “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose By any other…would smell as sweet…”  William Shakespeare. Call a rose by any other name, the flower smells just as sweet. So much beauty and sweetness, you could never tell just by looking at the thorns. Flower power! Jesus endured a crown of thorns. His name inspires, so He says “follow me and I will make you.” Be inspired!…

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