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Everything answers to a name

Few things identify someone as much as a name does and sometimes we get to hear a sweet story behind the designation. After several miscarriages and a hard time getting pregnant, a man takes his wife on a much needed vacation to the Italian Riviera. On this particular night, there is a full moon and he asks his wife to make a wish. Nine months later, they have a child and call her Luna, after the full moon.   Luna’s story inspires. “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose By any other…would smell as sweet…”  William Shakespeare. Call a rose by any other name, the flower smells just as sweet. So much beauty and sweetness, you could never tell just by looking at the thorns. Flower power! Jesus endured a crown of thorns. His name inspires, so He says “follow me and I will make you.” Be inspired!…

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