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Some people enter a room and moments later, it feels like all the air disappeared. Others light up the room with their presence. You wish to see them again. Vastly different dispositions are revealed in the way people conduct themselves. Indeed, we are creatures of habit. I share three habits that quickly reveal a person’s personality. SOCIAL MEDIA REVEALS PERSONALITY Laura posts selfies quite frequently on social media. She shares what she eats and many other activities daily. These habits reveal a personality that is attention-seeking and self-obsessed. She may be cheered or shunned for her habits. I guess that depends on who is looking. PERSONALITY AND THE WAY WE TREAT OTHERS Dora says sorry, please and thank you. Her habits reveal a caring nature. People easily become comfortable around her. Her personality is endearing. Experts assert that people with her disposition are more likely to be givers than takers.…

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