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Dynamic, driven, achieving set goals and full of zest for living. Is there any other way to live? Simon amazed folks, great and small, with his magic. He was a rich and respected man in the community. Then one day, a certain Philip waltzed into town with a new and compelling message. Many including Simon, embraced this life-transforming message.  Philip and his company demonstrated so much power, that Simon followed them around. Eventually, drawn to the power, Simon offered money for some of it. Perhaps, he was thinking about the “good, old days” in which he’d captured hearts and purses through magic performances. Perhaps, he could go back and make money? Isn’t it in the heart where things really start? “Down, tiger! Your heart is all wrong. What we offer is free. Freely we received.” just about sums up the response he got.See, Simon’s heart had slipped to the old…

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